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7dayz-dog-selfie“There is a photographer in each one of us!” said the smartphone to the DSLR.Whether it’s capturing a dream trip or random moments on the road, or taking pictures of your pets or yourself, the smartphone has enabled us to snap and store hundreds of pictures.According to a survey done by Darren Rowse( , 58% of his readers click anywhere between 1-100 photos a week.All thanks to your smartphone that’s always with you, now you’ll never miss a moment worth capturing.
Not only smartphone cameras keep getting more innovative, photo apps have kept up, making it possible to edit a picture, polish it up to make it more interesting and publish, all in a matter of seconds. Your photos have never looked the same. They stir emotions that move people.But i creating beautiful pictures has been done.

What if there was an app that captures your moments in beautiful pictures that weave a story and allows you to discover moments and stories from other people, in real-time, based on your interests? What if it can tell you what’s happening around you right now?

Pretty cool? We thought so!

7dayz will be launching its beta testing soon. … Be one of the first to get invited to tell a story.
It’s your story. Tell it with 7dayz. Or Tell it beautifully with 7dayz.

Story from places you go and things you discover.

Register yourself for 7dayz early access.


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