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Pictures can tell a thousand wrong stories

Girl Crying

In reality pictures can give a thousand various versions to the viewer other than the one you intended to show the world. The picture above can be of a kid who is lost in the woods and is not able to find her way back home. Alternatively, she might have fell off her bicycle and would have really hurt herself or maybe she was bullied by a senior at her school. It might be she broke her favorite doll while she was trying to put on princess outfit on the toy.

While what you wanted to capture was this:

Girl Crying 7dayz

7dayz provides you an opportunity to add captions to the picture in fonts as beautiful to tell the story you wanted to share with the world.

There are a set of increasing number of fonts to choose from on 7dayz that you can use, in the colors you like, in the size and alignment that suits your picture.

Happy Clicking!

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