The World of Mobile Photography

7dayz-world-of-photographyAfter the invention of the first camera back in 1839, there has never been so much progress in the field of photography than with what has happened with the advent of smartphones. Today, everyone is a photographer, and there seems to be many apps that aid all levels from novices to the highly experienced. Mobile apps that help edit, share, view, and style each photo has changed the world of photography.

We think that’s just the beginning.

There seems to be an abundance of beautiful pictures that are making people smile, laugh, and cry. And it’s an amazing feat. But how can we take those beautiful pictures and add more value to those images?

Capturing moments as we experience them in real-time and discovering what is happening around you at that moment, creates meaningful threads that tell a story. Being able to share those moments creates real value that goes beyond just capturing a picture.

The idea of 7dayz was brought to life a few months ago as we dreamed of how cool it would be to have an app which not only has image editing tools, but also helps the user to tell stories and weave them together to make memories for life.

7dayz will be launching its beta testing soon. … Be one of the first to get invited to tell a story.

It’s your story. Tell it with 7dayz. Or Tell it beautifully with 7dayz.

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