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The Adventurous Type: Part 2 of the Travel Users Series

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise, reduce stress, and simply clear your head. It is also a

perfect chance to take beautiful photos of the great outdoors. This would be an opportunity to

take out your smart phone and post one of these photos on 7dayz to share the natural beauty

with others.

7dayz Adventure Travellers

Share with the rest of the world what they are missing out on. Inspire others with your 7dayz stories to get out and explore our beautiful planet.

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7dayz is now available on Appstore!

Hello Everyone, We are excited to announce that the very first version of 7dayz is now available on app store.

You can now have the all new 7dayz app on your iPhone

Here is the App Store link:

Do share your views and feedback. This will help us design and improve 7dayz in future updates and make it more relevant for you all.

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Calling all Travellers – Part 1

The reason people travel varies from person to person and from occasion to occasion. If you are

like us then you will agree that there is no better place to experience life than in the great

outdoors, soaking up the beauty of the world. No matter what sort of traveler you are, 7dayz

can help you share where you go with the rest of the world.

Travellers of world

7dayz is location based so whether you are hiking the Rocky Mountains, trekking the Great Wall of China, or anywhere in between, you are able to share exactly where you are with anyone near or far.

Simply let 7dayz help you visually share with others what you discover during your travels.

Mentions worth mentioning!

As we are approaching Advance Beta launch for 7dayz, we are excited to be appearing on noteworthy listings that help spread the word so many more people can enjoy this amazing app.

Here are a couple of mentions worth sharing:

Featured by Betalist

7dayz also was featured on LaunchingNext under World’s most promising startups! Thanks @LaunchingNext! Here’s the tweet: 

 We’d like to get 7dayz in the hands of as many users for this last phase of our beta launch! The feedback has been incredible! Thanks to everyone that has been tweeting, posting, sharing and liking 7dayz! Keep spreading the joy!

7dayz Early Access to be available soon!

Hi friends, it has been a while since our last blog post. We have been putting forth lots of work into making the app more exciting and easy to use!

Here is a quick update on what’s happening.

We opened the app for a limited time to a few users and based on the feedback we are now updating the app’s user experience. We are also fixing a few bugs we have found. We will re-open to a larger group by the 1st week of August…  so stay tuned! You are not going to want to miss out on the new and improved 7dayz.

We are very pleased with the way 7dayz is shaping up and we are certain this app will delight you!

Pictures can tell a thousand wrong stories

Girl Crying

In reality pictures can give a thousand various versions to the viewer other than the one you intended to show the world. The picture above can be of a kid who is lost in the woods and is not able to find her way back home. Alternatively, she might have fell off her bicycle and would have really hurt herself or maybe she was bullied by a senior at her school. It might be she broke her favorite doll while she was trying to put on princess outfit on the toy.

While what you wanted to capture was this:

Girl Crying 7dayz

7dayz provides you an opportunity to add captions to the picture in fonts as beautiful to tell the story you wanted to share with the world.

There are a set of increasing number of fonts to choose from on 7dayz that you can use, in the colors you like, in the size and alignment that suits your picture.

Happy Clicking!

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The World of Mobile Photography

7dayz-world-of-photographyAfter the invention of the first camera back in 1839, there has never been so much progress in the field of photography than with what has happened with the advent of smartphones. Today, everyone is a photographer, and there seems to be many apps that aid all levels from novices to the highly experienced. Mobile apps that help edit, share, view, and style each photo has changed the world of photography.

We think that’s just the beginning.

There seems to be an abundance of beautiful pictures that are making people smile, laugh, and cry. And it’s an amazing feat. But how can we take those beautiful pictures and add more value to those images?

Capturing moments as we experience them in real-time and discovering what is happening around you at that moment, creates meaningful threads that tell a story. Being able to share those moments creates real value that goes beyond just capturing a picture.

The idea of 7dayz was brought to life a few months ago as we dreamed of how cool it would be to have an app which not only has image editing tools, but also helps the user to tell stories and weave them together to make memories for life.

7dayz will be launching its beta testing soon. … Be one of the first to get invited to tell a story.

It’s your story. Tell it with 7dayz. Or Tell it beautifully with 7dayz.

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#dogfies or #selfies

7dayz-dog-selfie“There is a photographer in each one of us!” said the smartphone to the DSLR.Whether it’s capturing a dream trip or random moments on the road, or taking pictures of your pets or yourself, the smartphone has enabled us to snap and store hundreds of pictures.According to a survey done by Darren Rowse( , 58% of his readers click anywhere between 1-100 photos a week.All thanks to your smartphone that’s always with you, now you’ll never miss a moment worth capturing.
Not only smartphone cameras keep getting more innovative, photo apps have kept up, making it possible to edit a picture, polish it up to make it more interesting and publish, all in a matter of seconds. Your photos have never looked the same. They stir emotions that move people.But i creating beautiful pictures has been done.

What if there was an app that captures your moments in beautiful pictures that weave a story and allows you to discover moments and stories from other people, in real-time, based on your interests? What if it can tell you what’s happening around you right now?

Pretty cool? We thought so!

7dayz will be launching its beta testing soon. … Be one of the first to get invited to tell a story.
It’s your story. Tell it with 7dayz. Or Tell it beautifully with 7dayz.

Story from places you go and things you discover.

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